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I'm a UX/UI designer & Full Stack developer based out of New York. With solid experience in React, Node.js & AJAX I can handle the scope of several specialized professionals and deliver a fully functional responsive web app or a website.

About me

Hi there! I'm Anastasia, but I mostly go by Anabel. I'm a self-taught full-stack developer and web designer proficient in the MERN stack. Over the past 6 months, I have dedicated countless hours to programming and have gone all the way to building full-fledged web services.

Positively impacting someone's life with my products while working in an intellectually challenging environment has always been a tremendous passion of mine. Web development allowed me to have unlimited creative expansion and complete control over my vision.

Shoot me a message if you'd like to collaborate. Honestly, can't wait to work together!


Core Abilities
a star iconUX & UI Design & Prototyping
a star iconFront End Development
a star iconBackend Development
a star iconAPI Integration
a star iconCross Platform Responsiveness

I'm available for

Backend Development

Backend is the behind-the-scenes of every project. Hidden from our eyes, it's responsible for making things work. With solid experience in Node.js, AJAX, APIs, and TypeScript, I'll help you build the backbone of your web app from scratch or integrate it into your existing website.

A custom solution like this, unlike Wordpress, allows for complete control over your startup.

Frontend Development

Frontend is everything you see on your screen. It's pretty and allows you to interact with the behind-the-scenes, that would otherwise be one hell of a mess for you as a user.

It's crucial for the client-side to be intuitive and functional. Luckily for you, I'm equipped with a powerful combination of React, Tailwind & HTML CSS to help you achieve it!

Accessible Web UX/UI

If backend is the underlying infrastructure that powers the frontend, User Experience & User Interface father them both. With these two in place the development process becomes much faster and easier.

I design UI and prototype UX in Figma. Having such pre-designed structure allows to swiftly translate it into HTML SCSS, and build the server-side.

Branding & Asset Design

At the core of exceptional UX/UI lies custom assets. Well-designed assets have the power to transform an otherwise homogeneous product into a distinguishable and recognizable brand.

On the technical side, having reusable components & variables, which I also design in Figma, helps maintain an efficient and organized structure for your web app or website in the long run.

Work with me

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I believe in the power of self-education, and everything I have achieved rests on the discipline of my mind.

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I'm always open to new ideas, collaborations, and constructive feedback, so feel free to connect with me anywhere here!